Special Vitamix 5200 Blender Review 2021 | Easy and Durable

There are a lot of blender but few those which provide the best solution. One of the best is Vitamix 5200 blender which is an old model but as per reviews of customers it provides quality results. The Vitamix 5200 is a very user-friendly blender that is able to easy to use.

The blender motor is very powerful. It’s a top-selling product in the Vitamix overall series. Its launch in market 2007, and it’s an old one with design but the reliability and quality of blender is good. There is various commercial vendor who said Vitamix 5200 is the best choice.

Is a Vitamix 5200 worth the money?

The answer to this question is because the blender blends very well and making quality drinks. That’s why commercial user priority to use it like coffee shops, smoothie bars and others like to use Vitamix blender. Through different food making it gives worth of your money.

There are some people who think it’s an expensive product question arises why you spend more on purchasing it. Because if we see overall performance it easily blends hard ingredients frozen fruits. When the process going on the blade didn’t create air pockets.

It’s an old model which you need to order because its the most recommended blender due to its quality feature and the price is very reasonable. The final suggestion for that it is an expensive blender but the quality and features it provide it worth the cost.We also mention best brand blender list Vitamix.

Which is the best Vitamix 5200?

If you see in the market there are a lot of options and the task of all blender is the same. The work which they perform is to blend different ingredients some are hard and some soft. So there are different reasons for choosing Vitamix 5200 because its a time investment and it gives worth of money.

There are different reasons for choosing due to its performance, accuracy in result, long run working machine, well-reputed brand, quality of spare part. These all reason which make it importance more for user and it can easily blend which thing want.

The Vitamix 5200 company manufacture high-quality material, which ensures machine reliability for long term running.

What makes Vitamix 5200 so special?

The Vitamix brand is superior in the blender product.  Those people who are working on a daily basis in the kitchen know the importance of Vitamix Blender. The motor power is 2 HP which shows enough power to blend anything.  The food which blends for you dry fruits, hard ingredients, different juices or drinks. There are a lot of think which Vitamix easily blend.

There are various blenders available that have less power and they are not reliable for long term use. So at the time of purchase you need to decide either you want to spend one time or various times. It’s all depending on you which type of product you need.

Vitamix 5200 Packages:

Some people know about the Vitamix 5200 blender have different model available in the market. These models available in the market with various package designs. For better understanding we also said that Vitamix have two packages for commercial use different and home user different blender available.

Mention below details of both packaging.

1- Amazing Vitamix 5200 Standard Package:

The Vitamix 5200 available in standard package its a reliable and durable blender which performs every task in the kitchen. For the home user it’s the best choice.

  •  Blender 64 OZ, white container.
  • Adjustable speed control system.
  • Overall size comes with large one which easily self cleaning 64-ounc container.
  • Easily blend hard ingredients.

In this package include the powerful motor with a cooling system, 64 – ounce jar,  blender base is thermal protected system, and also cooling fan. All the recipe related material available like book and all the videos in Dvd + 10-year warranty. With all quality you can easily adjust the speed all these qualities available in standard packaging.

1-Vitamix 5200 Super Package:

Those who working in hotels or restaurants their priority to use Vitamix 5200 and company launch for those Super package. The overall package includes 32 ounces with a dry grain container.

Super package comes up with 32 oz and 64 oz containers, with a recipe book and video series the best thing they provide 7-year warranty and in red color.


Before purchasing anything you need to know about the features of the product. We mention below the major features of blender how you can take benefit from it. Mention below key features Setting system, Motor performance, and a container.


The Vitamix 5200 setting system combination of dial speed and different manual switches. If we see in the market today so they are providing a pre-programmed settings and touch dashboards. But the blender don’t have pre-programmed settings. The quality of manual switches is very soft and durable and easy or effective to work. Buttons functionality is on and off and controls the overall speed of the blender.


The Vitamix 5200 is an effective blender for its customer. It’s the BPA free also have sound slow features with a square rubber pad which makes performance good.  Through all these steps reduce the vibration of the blending process.


The Vitamix 5200 design is very simple, and the motor built-in quality is perfect available with two horsepower. The blades spins it 37000 per min.  This one the only part which is manufactures or design in Sweden.

It manufacture and assembled in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, So if you purchase any other country manufacture then its fake.


When you have decided to purchase a powerful or excellent performance blender then Vitamix 5200 is a great choice. The is a durable machine which run for a long time and provide you a great result. The is an old model but the features are newer of motor with functions.

The blender is not cheap it’s expensive but definitely worth of money. Almost you have a 7-year warranty for their customer which great for the customer. After watching reviews of customer the majority are satisfied.