Best Blenders Under $100  2020
Best Blenders Under $100

Best Blenders Under $100 2020


As you all know blender is a very important tool in the kitchen. For almost 90% cooking process you need blender which makes good food. But If you don’t want to spend more money or you have a very limited budget and your wish to purchase Best Blenders Under $100. So, you are in the right area.

We deeply analysis different blender product and saw the customer reviews. From all the data we build up the best blenders under $100. We try to help you to find out the product under your budget.

Below mention all detailed reviews of Best Blenders Under $100 the selected model. In which you have an idea to get a price comparison, mention detail design, warranty, and quality of product mention below. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100. The reviews are important for all those who want to purchase the product. Read all the features of each product mention below.

Top 10 Best Blenders Under $100

Best Blenders Under $100
Best Blenders Under $100

Best Blenders Under $100 List 2020

  1.  Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 – Best Blenders Under $100
  2.  Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender – Best Value
  3.  Ninja Countertop Blender BL660
  4.  NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender
  5.  Oster Pro 1200
  6. Dash Chef Series 64oz Stainless Steel Blades Blender
  7. Addwin Countertop Blender
  8. Ninja Master QB900
  9. Bestek 4-in-1
  10. Aicok 4-in-1

1 – Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 – Top Pickup

Ninja QB1004

The Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 its a good choice for best blenders under $100. The blender has good quality for ice crushing, ingredients chopping, easily blending soups, and easy to use and effective. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100.

It’s an ideal blender for the home kitchen. As per our analysis, we found good reviews and customer is satisfied with the performance of blender. Also, the design good and quality of processor which operate in multi-tasking. The company provides this blender with three containers.

Regarding blender noise which is quietly silent if we compare with others this blender is good. The noise is very silent and makes it easy to use.  The blender manufacturing is good and its height is 7 inches and a width of 19 inches. It also takes very minimal space in the kitchen which is also a good sign.

If we talk about features and options then Ninja QB1004 has very few drawbacks. The speed plugin only one comes up. The button has different functions for the rotating blade you need to hold the button.

The Best Blenders Under $100 Ninja QB1004 is manufacture with plastic and the spare parts near the motor. The ninja provides a 1-year warranty. The blenders are a good quality product that runs efficiently and quickly. It easily crushes ice easily, its affordable blender with different functions and abilities. The noise is very quiet and motor performance also good.

Where to Buy

Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004


May, 19th 2020

  • Low Price

    Attractive look.

    Easy to use.

  • Blades not in good quality.

    Motor performance sometimes not good.

    Not blend seeds properly.

2 - Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender – Best Value

Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender

There are different best blenders under $100  available in the market. The Hamilton Beach 58148A blender is a great kitchen product that makes awesome food with this. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100

The Best Blenders Under $100 has the different options of speed, their spare parts like blade available in good quality and size also very compact. The product is good for those who want a good quality product at affordable prices. It takes very low space in the kitchen and also the noise is very low.

The blender is good for great value for many people. This one is very easy to use and you can control speed smoothly. Hamilton Beach Blender comes up with which specifically you want in a blender. The jarring quality is good and the motor performance is fine. Models offer twelve functions it means the various varieties of ingredients.

One of the best choices in best blenders under $100 a lot of customers which looking to purchase the blender in great you can go for it.  

Where to Buy

Hamilton Beach 58148A Blende


May, 19th 2020

  • Powerful motor with 700-watt

    Buttons are easy to push.

    Given 3-year warranty.

  • Sometimes dishwasher cleaning causes expedited wear.

    Some parts are not in good quality.

3 - Ninja Countertop Blender BL660

Ninja Countertop Blender BL660

The Ninja Countertop Blender BL660 offers you two blenders in the packaging. The countertop blender comes up with 72 ounces. It’s a big pitcher and comfortable blender with a small 16 ounces.

If you want smoothie from soft fruits then Ninja pitcher gives you good results. Like different soft fruits bananas, apples blend otherwise for hard fruit it does not generate a good result. The Blender is also able to blend ice crushing and frozen food its like fruit ingredients and vegetable. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100.

The blade of blender has a good ability to blend easily. The container lock is very secure in the lid it requires strong looking if you don’t do it then it’s not run. This means if the machine not assembled completely then it shows red light on the dashboard.

You can easily clean their spare parts which are easy to remove but you need to take care of yourself because the blade is very sharp. The design is very simple which contains a single cup and its very simple design.

The Ninja Bl660 is a very effective and powerful machine. It easily operates and blends ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables. It takes a few seconds to blend. The blender size is a large one and uses friendly which makes it important more. For the cleaning point of a few it easily handles speedy action.

The Best Blenders Under $100 product has a good value of money and it’s providing a good warranty of 8 years. This makes the customer’s mind for purchase. The space is large so before buying it you need to verify the space in the kitchen.

They use modern technology in it and design is very lucrative which gives good importance in the mind of the customer. The dashboard is fully digital control. Only powerful blender which is best blenders under $100 can blend ice and solid item so this blender can do it easily.

Where to Buy

Ninja Countertop Blender BL660


May, 19th 2020

  • Powerful machine.

    Easily crush hard ingredients.

    Also perform tasks quickly.

  • Quality of blend not perfect.

    The design also not lucrative.

4 - NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

NutriBullet 12-Piece

The NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender is good for reviews on different online shopping websites. Most of the reviews mention 5 out of 5 stars. So it’s also a good choice for purchase in the best blenders under $100 list.

The quality of blender is also good which provides you a healthier life. If you drink juices or milkshake on a daily go for this product. The market demand also high because its performance shows a high speed with quality results. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100.

The Best Blenders Under $100 packaging of the blender comes up with 12 pieces of a set with a high power motor. The blade is very sharp which generates good outcomes. It uses for multi-function like blend juices chop and grind. The speed is very nice which easily blends the ingredients. The motor gain 600 watts and function at 10000rpm. The location where is built or manufacture is North American standards.

The company claims its plastic parts are BPA free and run for a long time. The Nutribullet comes up with a single container function that makes a different type of product like shake and smoothies. It’s usually used at home which provides you healthy foods. Cleaning the blender is not easy but they give the facility to clean the blender easily. The company offers only a one-year warranty.

Where to Buy

NutriBullet 12-Piece


May, 19th 2020

  • Cups in different sizes.

    The motor works quietly.

    Durable design.

  • Blades are not strong.

    Not crush hard ingredients easily.

5 - Oster Pro 1200

Oster Pro 1200

Oster Pro 1200 available best blenders under $100 in the market with two different packages. The quality of the product is also good. It provides blender 2 in 1 with one cup and attachment of food processor.

The machine performance is really good. The market position of this blender is in the list Blender under $100.  It’s a very reasonable price which gives good quality.  Customer reviews regarding this product are also good. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100

It easily makes smoothie very creamy from vegetables and fruits. In this price range very few blenders available which provide this type of quality. But a lot of those blenders available in the market in this price range have a lot of problems regarding processing ingredients. When Oster pro-1200 blend it shows some air pockets, but overall, it plays a good role.

The setting of the blender is very easy to operate. The Oster 1200 Pro dashboard has 9 buttons. The blender has 3 functions Frozen, Green, Smoothies, and another button also available like low, high, medium, and switches on and off button.

When you making smoothies and juices it blends very well. The Best Blenders Under $100 performance of the motor is accurate and speeds with the different modes in both directions. Overall program setting with speed control does processing in the right way.

It’s a friendly user operator and cleaning the blender is easy. The Oster 1200 Pro blender blade is removable. As per the price range, they offer 3 years of warranty which is also a good technique to make a new customer mind for purchasing the blender.

With these best blenders under $100 and price range if we see overall performance it looks good. The noise level of this machine is very decent which makes good importance.

Where to Buy

Oster Pro 1200


May, 19th 2020

  • Setting with latest technology.

    Easy to use.

    Make various foods.

  • Loud when blend.

    Only 6 cup capacity.

6 - Dash Chef Series 64oz Stainless Steel Blades Blender

Dash Chef Series 64oz

The Dash Chef Series provides the best blenders under $100. It’s a tall blender that makes a large amount of food at one time. The market position of blender is very competitive and it also on the high end when we compare with this range of blender.

The performance of the motor is very good. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100.

The motor generates high power which blends food in a nice way. The performance of blender is good with their setting level like its speed, digital interface, and also includes different functions.

The blender performs different tasks which include making smooth drinks. It also blends ingredients like seeds carrots, spinach. The blender design is also very lucrative which makes a good mind for the customer to purchase the blender. The most important is it easily crushes ice by adding any water.  One of the best specifications of blender is to blend both cold and hot ingredients.

 It easy to clean without any hassle. The Best Blenders Under $100 blade is inbuilt when assemble. You only need to wash the jar on the base. The final verdict regarding this blender is that it provides you different features that can blend easily with hard ingredients.

Where to Buy

Dash Chef Series 64oz


May, 19th 2020

  • Avaliable in different colours.

    Powerful motor.

    Strong base.

  • Tall blender not easy to store.

    Heavy blender.

7 - Addwin Countertop Blender

Addwin Countertop Blender

The Addwin Countertop Blender is available in a market best blenders under $100. In a low-cost blender, they provide great features to the customer. The performance of the blender is satisfactory by getting reviews from people they told us. It comes up with70 ounce and with free BPA plastic blend container. The space in blender high for blending.

The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100. The motor consumers approx. 2200 watts for spins blade into 45000 rpm. If you want to do some short work of any food like crush ingredients and ice it provides great performance.

The blender has a strong motor power with six stainless blades. It easily crushes the ingredients and provides you a great result.  It comes up with 70 – ounce pitcher, the machine provides great power for blending.

As per customer reviews, they are fully satisfied with the speed and its functions. You can easily adjust the speed and settings from which you can achieve a result. In this model the design stability. From a few drops of soap and water, you can easily clean it.  It’s a good choice in the best blenders under $100. The Best Blenders Under $100 good thing is its use for family use which makes you money worthful and you can also use it in a commercial blender.

Where to Buy

Addwin Countertop Blender


May, 19th 2020

  • Storng motor with 3-HP.

    Containers with two include.

    Cook soup in the blender.

  • Price is little bit high.

    Loud sound.

8 - Ninja Master QB900


The Ninja Master QB900 also meets all features in which the best blenders under $100 available. The price is also under $100 which makes for suitable for those people who have a limited budget. It easily blends chop efficiently and quickly. It also won the award of prestigious houseware in 2010. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100.

The Ninja Master QB900 has a lucrative look and stylish. It’s fully tested which makes your kitchen give help to make great food. In this model, the blade provides two sets in which 4 and 6 blades. The performance delivers by the blade is also good which can easily crush fruits and vegetables.

The containers work when you lock properly then it runs otherwise not. It also has a chopper bowl that uses in chop fruits and vegetables which do fine. These all function include in a single blender.

As per customer review, the Ninja Master QB900B has great views that show it’s the best blender for use. The main factor which makes the product good. The power of blending is which is able to crush ice within a seconds. Through high power blades, it generates amazing food for his users. Best Blenders Under $100 customers are also happy about using it because it’s a friendly user that most of the blender not. The reviews show that it clean easily and all the part is removable and make clean properly with easy way.

Where to Buy

Ninja Master QB900


May, 19th 2020

  • Easy to clean.

    Sharp Blade.

    Light weight.

  • Head need to clean.

9 - Bestek 4-in-1

Bestek 4-in-1

The Bestek 4 in 1 blender is also the best blenders under $100. Basically, the performance of the blender shows great and also amazing design. The proper hand blender which tasks to compete in the market and gain the best blenders under $100. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100.

The Bestek 4 in 1 manufacture by chines company they have a different type of product in the market for various categories. This blender consumes 350 watts the main function they provide is Mixing, Blending, Whisking, Chopping. The most interesting factor is the food processor. It includes multi-tasking speed in which you can easily adjust speed and if needed do the turbo mode. The blender quality of part material is great it shows run for a long time.

If we talk about its feature so the Best Blenders Under $100 hand blender is available with a multi-tasking process in which function of mixer and food processor. Regarding the designing point of view, it clearly shows the lucrative design. For using it easy no need for worries because all the detail mention and you can adopt if speedily.   The price is under $100 and most of the website selling it $30 to $36.

Where to Buy

Bestek 4-in-1


May, 19th 2020

  • Easy to use.

    Good Build quality.

    Product Reliability is good.

  • Not easy to clean.

10 - Aicok 4 in 1

Ashata 4-in-1

If anyone looking for a hand blender/ and mixer product so you need to chose this one because we have mentioned in best blenders under $100 list. It’s a new product launch in the market which trying to compete with different brands. The main reason we chose this blender in the best blenders under $100

The strength of the product is you can easily do chop, blend, mixer, and whisker. It also includes a food processor facility which blend and mixer smoothly. In the packaging, they give food processing bowl. It shows a very satisfactory product for customers.

The Best Blenders Under $100 performance of the product is expectedly good if we compare it with the same price range of the product. However, design on this product and manufacturing show well. It easily performs different tasks effectively and speedily. Our recommendation for those who need to use it in daily life like for the GYM user.

The Aicok 4 in 1 is able to perform multi-function in a sign machine. The motor consumes 500 watts which provide great speed. The Best Blenders Under $100 technology used is a power bell with a speed of 1 to 6 also include a turbo mode process which easily able to blend thick ingredients. It’s easy to use a product from which anyone can operate it smoothly. Regarding price different online websites selling it between $30 to $40.

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Where to Buy

Aicok 4 in 1


May, 19th 2020

  • Easy to clean.

    Friendly user experience.

    Portable size.

  • Price little bit high.

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